Windows 7 Full Version 32-bit/64-bit Free Download

Window 7 is the first-hand computer operating system which was created by Microsoft. It is based on the Windows NT family. Windows 7 Full Version was an advanced update of Microsoft Windows. It was issued in 2009 October as the favorable outcome of windows vista. It functions the same Aero user interface that launched in Windows Vista. But window 7 has quicker boot time.

In development, it is famous for the codes Blackcomb and Vienna.

Windows 7 installation setup file

Editions Of Windows 7 Full Version 32-bit/64-bit

  • Windows 7 Home Premium
  • Professional
  • Ultimate
  • Starter
  • Home Basic
  • Enterprise

Key features

  • Start menu: it allows a basic way for programs and applications on your Thinkpad
  • Taskbar: it holds three major elements.Start button
  1. the Task/Quick Launch bar
  2. the System Notification Area.
  • Window snipping Tool: it provides an application to save, store, captured and share snipped photos from your desktop
  • Local area network: The Thinkpad is sorted to approach wired and wireless networks LAN or WiFi.
  • Windows Explorer Favorites: it gives a fast link to special and certain folders on your hard disk
  • Windows explorer libraries: libraries are the royal road to pick up and trace documents on your computer. It connected to each other but not placed in the same folders.

How to install & Download Free Windows 7 Full Version 32-bit/64-bit

Click on the above download button to start to download the windows 7 full version 32-bit or Windows 7 64-bit with high speed downloading server. When you start setup, there is an option to choose the x84 or x64.

  1. Shutdown your computer first and then turn it on when BIOS screen show on your computer press Del, Esc, F2, F10, and F9 and this normally displays on your computer.
  2. Locate the BIOS boot menu option.
  3. Choose the CD ROM drive particularly in initial boot device in your computer
  4. Choose the save option from the BIOS menu to save the configuration.
  5. Shut down your computer if there is an option or press the power button until the computer gets shut down.
  6. Turn on the computer again and enter window 7 disc into your CD or DVD.
  7. After Inserting the disc on disc drive then start the computer and press any key.
  8. Select options from your window setup i.e language, time and currency format, keyboard, input method and then press next.
  9. Now click on the install button.
  10. Read the passage and click the accept the license term and then click next.
  11. After that, it asked about the type of installation choose custom.
  12. It asked about the place where to install the window. Choose on which hard drive partition you are willing to install the window.
  13. Install window on your selected drive and press over there window will get installing.

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